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Bow Wow Addresses Reports That Joie Chavis Is Currently Dating Diddy, “ We Had A Conversation On FaceTime”


For the very first time Bow Wow is publicly addressing circulating reports of his daughter’s mother Joie Chavis dating music mogul Diddy !

Within a recently aired episode of WGCI Morning show, Bow shared his most honest thoughts on Diddy’s new relationship Joie.

He explained that though they have a child together their hasn’t been any form of relationship outside of a friendship between them.

“With me and her, we haven’t really been in that space probably in like 13 years. “[She’s] a homegirl, my daughter’s mom, so it’s always gonna be respect. But don’t think that I didn’t put a call and talk to her about what the hell was going on, you know what I’m saying,” says Bow.

📸: the Shaderoom📸: the Shaderoom

📸: the Shaderoom

However he does reveal that he like everyone else had a few pressing questions.

Bow joked that he “wanted to kill him” but continues in saying that “me and dude spoke about it but that’s a conversation that I’m not going to share.“ He reveals , “it was a good hour and 15 minute conversation on FaceTime.”

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