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Karen Civil Admits To Hiring A Hacker To Take Down Hollywood Unlocked Instagram Back In 2018!


The plot is getting thicker than a pot of grits y’all! According to circulated reports Karen Civil literally admitted on Club House to having Jason Lee’s original Hollywood Unlocked website and Instagram HACKED! 👀

In an audio based conversation nearly hundreds of listeners were present as Karen plead her case following claims of her being an A1-finesser.

She argued that she did not swindle social media influencer Jessie Woo out of money, same story with Lucas Joyner despite their heavy stack of receipts.

But the script totally flipped when Jason Lee stepped into the room and started pulling Karen’s card. He states that the marketing maven reportedly hired a hacker to delete his original Instagram account back in 2018 that held over 1.2 million followers and promised to help him secure a rap career .

Karen admired tonight on Clubhouse that she did get in contact with a hacker to make it happen but says she didn’t promise any type of career. Our cousins over on our Black Twitter side have been in a frenzy since the audio leaked. You can hear for yourself by searching the necessary hashtags 👀 👂🏿

What are y’all thoughts on this?

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