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Have Mercy! Inside Chloe’s Breakout Moment!

—Kierra wilson—


Now we know there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Chloe Bailey, within the last couple of days. From the release of her solo debut Have Mercy and video all in the same week to topping it off with the VMA’s performance!! Chileeeee our breaths were taken away!

According with MTV News, Chloe got deeper on the subject of how people were not expecting her and her sister Halle to begin their solo careers this soon. Chloe felt like this was the perfect time to start going solo while Halle was away doing the damn thing with representing Ariel for the upcoming little mermaid video.

Chloe stated that music is therapeutic for her, she has written nearly one hundred songs , and has since been narrowed down for an album that is planning to be released.

Now let’s get into the vision of “Have Mercy,” the Sorority theme was decided bya member of the team, Chloe was not feeling it at first so yall she needed a good storyline which also has a message!

“I wanted to make it all about a** but in an artistic way and i think it’s so cool how women have this incredible power with how they can leave men in a trance.”

Your girl basically did a modern day Medusa, so all the booty shaking is turning these dudes mesmerized into stone. Let’s not forget, Mama Tina gracing us with an appearance as a mysterious neighbor. Chloe was so ecstatic and humbled by her appearance.

”I was shocked with how long she stayed the whole day and she sent my mom the most beautiful message that almost brought me to tears.”

With humble words spoken, Mama Tina and Bey have been supportive and loving.

Cousins if you haven’t already stream HAVE MERCY TODAY!

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