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Jhonni Blaze Reported Missing Following Alarming Social Media Post!


Celebrities alongside social media influencers are currently seeking prayers and words of positivity following rumors that reality television star Jhonni Blaze has been reported missing!

According to Source Jhonni hasn’t been seen for the last 4 to 5 days following an alarming post she made on Instagram earlier this week.

An unverified Instagram account of the former Love and Hip Hop cast members wrote, S*** don’t make Sense how much pain I can f****** consume. Shit be on the edge for me and tonight I’m done y’all won,”. •

She continued, “I won’t leave no memories cus y’all didn’t care to leave genuine ones with me! I’m tired see how it’s feels when im gone. They laughed at my hurt my@pain my feelings and played! people think having mental issues is to be laughed at and to down you let’s see you laugh when I’m dead.” .

21 Savage’s manager Mega Meezy also wrote in his Instagram story that Jhonni had been missing for a few days, while requesting anyone with information to come forward.

“Praying for @jhonniblazeduh,” wrote Meezy. “She has been missing for a few days if anyone knows anything please speak up!”

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