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New York Rent Eviction Moratorium Extended Until January 2022!


Officials have voted to uphold the protection of New York residents and tenants by prohibiting evictions now through January 2022!

The new law was signed into order Thursday by Governor Gov. Kathy Hochul, which protects residents and business owners.

According to CBS News, the extension will provide assistance to over 500,000 residents who are currently facing financial difficulties due to the pandemic. The order will block landlords from being able to enforce eviction and challenge hardship claims in court.

“The burden of proof is going to be on the landlord. The landlord’s gonna have to show that somebody doesn’t have income, somebody doesn’t have assets or the ability to pay,” real estate attorney Richard Apat said.

The new law has been put into place despite the Supreme Courts prior rulings and several Democrats wishes.

New York residents and business owners that are in need of assistance to pay their rent are now able to apply for assistance through the state’s Emergency Rental Assistance Program, or ERAP.
Through the program applicants will automatically be provided protection from eviction even while their application is pending and will also receive a year of eviction protections, but only if they qualify for assistance.

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