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Baltimore Mother Arrested After Confessing To The Murder Of Her 2 Young Children!


A 28 year old Baltimore mother has been arrested as the leading suspect in the gruesome murder of her two young children following a reported confession!

According to the NY Post , 6-year-old Da’Neria Thomas and 8-year-old Davin Thomas lifeless bodies were discovered inside of the apartment they lived in with their mother Jameria Hall.

It has been indicated that officials were called after residents detected the odor of a foul smell days after a neighbor is said to have heard young Da’Neria scream “ Mommy No!”

Court documents forward details that Da’Neria, had been drowned and strangled, her body was found dumped in a bathtub with clothing wrapped around her neck.

Davin was found in a sleeping bag with a large knife stuck in his chest and a trash bag around his head.

There had been no indication of his long their bodies had been there or their time of death, however the children haven’t been seen in public since last Thursday.

Jameria was arrested on Wednesday while in a Uber she wasn’t home when Da’Neria and Davin’s bodies were found. It has been indicated that she had told her mother that the kids were with their father however he has come forward to state that he hadn’t seen them.

Jameria has been charged with first-degree murder, first-degree assault and reckless endangerment of her children after allegedly confessed to killing them.

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