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One On One With Actor Arrington Foster Of The BET Hit Series, “The Family Business”


For the season premier of popular talk back series Noir Online TV we had the absolute pleasure of kicking it one on one with beloved actor Arrington Foster of BET’s hit series, “The Family Business”

The Family Business by Carl Weber serves as a family crime and drama that was originally created as a book series but due to accelerating popularity was adapted by the BET network in 2018 to be developed as a limited series.

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📸: Deadline

The show follows the life of the prestigious Duncan Family; dripping with Black excellence, class and decadence paired with a splash of strategical gangster. The series proves that each member is far more complex than what the eye can see.

Following two explosive seasons fans are both patiently and impatiently awaiting for season three of the modern day family drama.

Arrington provided us with exclusive details of what it was like for the cast and crew to work amidst the uncertainty of the pandemic and fans demands for a new season.

Arrington who also plays the stylish, straight forward and well calculated twin brother character of Rio Duncan; assured us that not only is season three going to be well worth the wait but is also set to air sometime this year.

We caught up with Arrington to speak about about the future of his character and potential moves he could be making towards becoming independent.

“Season two left off with Rio making some choices that could possibly lead to the downfall of his family’s entire empire. Can we expect for him to leave his family and venture out on his own? “ asks Tamara.

Arrington responds, “ I think family is so important to him you know, family over everything. I feel that he would never leave his family.”

Hr continues to explain that Rio is just exploring the world on his own while trying to prove to his dad that he’s his own man.

“ Carl develops each character so well that he also them to explore all kinds of things” Arrington says that we can expect to see many different sides of Rio within the upcoming season.


In the meantime the Maryland native currently lives in Los Angeles where he is steadily developing and studying his craft while working on new projects.

Cousins be sure to checkout the first two seasons of the Family Business in full on BET+, you can also purchase the full book series on Amazon. Be sure to follow and support Arrington on all social media platforms under the name of @ArringtonFoster and stay tuned for the highly anticipated premier of Season 3.

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