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Judge Shuts Down $3 Million Dollar Lawsuit Against Cardi B From Blogger Following Accusations Of Threats!


A federal judge has officially ruled against a $3 million dollar lawsuit against Cardi B issued by a blogger upon claims of physical threats!

According to Radar Cardi initially sued a blogger by the name of Latasha K in 2019 after she forwarded claims that the rapper had Herpes, a drug addiction and was a former prostitute.

In response to the lawsuit, Latasha forwarded claims that Cardi had allegedly sent threatening messages to her.

Sources have confirmed that Tasha did in fact insinuate that the Bronx, New York native had herpes based on an online photo and even going as far to say you could see, “ visible cold sores.”

However the appointed judge ruled against the blogger’s case due to her failure to provide any valuable evidence. It’s also been indicated that the evidence she did provide only showed Cardi’s friends forwarding threats not her.

Latasha also accused the Grammy winning rapper of causing her emotional distress and complications during her pregnancy, all of which was dismissed.

Tasha is set to appear in court sometime soon as Cardi’s lawsuit is still underway; the judge says he will leave the overall decision to the jury.

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