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Lil Uzi Vert’s Ex Girlfriend Brittany Byrd Tells West Hollywood Sheriffs That He Allegedly Pointed A Gun At Her Stomach Stomach Following Fight With SAINt JHN!


Lil Uzi Vert had quite an eventful day on Friday following reports that he got into a quick altercation turned physical with SAINt JHN and his ex girlfriend Brittany Byrd!

According to TMZ, the entire ordeal went down on Friday afternoon as JHN was confronted by UZi in West Hollywood around noon.

Sourced have confirmed that Uzi pulled up to the scene in a Cadillac Escalade and immediately confronted JHn. There’s been no details forwarded of what the two men said within their word exchange that lead to them fighting but it has been indicated that Uzi reportedly flashed a gun.

Though it has been stated that Uzi did not open fire at the time of the incident, Brittany tells Hollywood sheriffs that she was with JHN at the time of the altercation and that theres more to the story.

She say that her and JHN were discussing business when Uzi popped up and that he threw a punch, missed and fell and thats when he flashed the weapon.

Brittany says she had gotten up from the table they were sitting at in an attempted to stop the fight. She says thats when Uzi allegedly pushed the weapon into her stomach and hit her.

Officials state that Brittany is going to the hospital and will be filing a police report.

Stick with us for further updates!

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