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Double Murder Suspect Representing Himself Is Currently Trending On Social Media Following Opening Statements In Court!


A double murder suspect by the name of Ronnie O’Neal is currently trending on social media following his opening statements in court recently!

According to Fox News 13 , Ronnie is currently on trial for life, he’s being accused of killing his girlfriend and their 9 year old daughter within a 2018 incident.

Reports read that obtained audio from a 911 call details Ronnie stating that his girlfriend tried to kill him and that there were ‘white demons’ inside of her.

Ronnie has pleaded not guilty as his trial is currently taking place at a Tampa, Florida courthouse. Despite having three public defends in the past, he has decided to fully represent himself.

Sources have confirmed that Ronnie’s 11 year old son survived the attack and is expected to testify. His son has been identified as a key witness as it has been indicated that he was present when Ronnie allegedly attacked his mother and sister and then set their home on fire. The young boy escaped with burns and stab wounds.

The featured clips has started numerous conversations throughout social media as online users have a whole lot of questions pertaining to this case.

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