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Update : Dad Says Michigan 6 Year Old Is Currently Suffering From Severe Trauma Since Being Shot In The Arm By Neighbor!


Following the senseless incident of six year old Coby Daniel being shot by a neighbor while attempting to pick up his bike from the front of his yard, the child’s father has come forward to reveal that the young boy is suffering tremendously!

Arnold Daniel has stated that his son is currently struggling mentally to recover from the ordeal and is in need of professional help to heal from the trauma reports TMZ.

Reports read that the young boy has been sleeping alone in his bed since he was 2 years old but now he hasn’t been able to and is suffering each night from nightmares.

Arnold says his son often asks “ Why would he ( the shooter) do that?”

As we previously reported 29 year old Ryan Le-Nguyen shot young Coby in the arm from the window of his house after allegedly chasing the 6 year old with a sledge hammer for having his bike in front of his home.

Ryan was originally arrested and released three days after on $10K cash bond, since media caught wind of the story he has been taken back to jail with a bail of $100K.

Coby is set to enroll in physical therapy after his heals from the gunshot wound. His family has established a GoFundME account to help him and his family recover through therapy.

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