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Bow Wow And Soulja Boy Confirm Upcoming Verzuz Battle!


If you didn’t have any other reason to look forward to Summer 21 YOU DO NOW! Both Bow Wow and Soulja Boy have officially confirmed a Verzuz music battle!!

Earlier this week the She Make It Clap rapper had issued claims that Bow only wanted to battle #Romeo because he knew it would be an easy W and that he was scared to battle Soulja because he’d bring the smoke.

Bow Wow scared of me, man. You see when Romeo said something, he jumped right on it but as soon as they said “Big Draco” name, Bow Wow be quiet as hell making up all types of excuses, man. Bow Wow knows what’s up with me.”

On Saturday afternoon the two recording artists took to Instagram live to announce the big news.

“Soulja, I have so many No. 1s,” said Bow Wow in the video. “If you go on Google right now and you type in ‘Rappers with the most No. 1s,’ you will see Drake first, Eminem, Lil Wayne. I’m on a list with a lot of greats. There ain’t a lot of us.”

Cousins, who y’all got on this one? 🤔

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