Former NYPD Officer Daniel Pantaleo Fired For The Murder Of Eric Garner!

It has been 5 years since the murder of beloved son and father #EricGarner and though justice hasn’t been formally served, the fight is far from over. It has recently been announced that former officer Daniel Pantaleo, responsible for Garner’s death, has been fired from the New York City’s police department!


According to #USAToday the NYPD Commissioner and long time retired police officer James O’Neal announced the news this afternoon. “I can tell you that had I been in Officer Pantaleo’s situation, I may have made similar mistakes,” states O’Neil. “But none of us can take back our decisions, particularly when they result in the death of another human being.”

Garner’s death directly derived from a banned chokehold move Pantaleo placed on him back in 2014. Even though Garner stated multiple times while in the hold he could not breathe Pantaleo issued no remorse and continued to choke him. An autopsy report confirmed the chokehold as a direct cause of Garner’s death and ruled it a homicide.


As we previously reported Pataleo was freed of all charges on Aug 2 by a local grand jury which sparked outrage around the country. But it has been stated that Garner’s family as well as a departmental trial judge rallied to have Pantaleo fired.

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