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Prayers Up: Shock G Of Digital Underground Passes Away At 57!


It is with a sincerely heavy heart that we inform you all of the recent passing of Hip Hop artist, Digital Underground group co-founder and group member Shock G at 57 years old!

The rap pioneer was discovered dead in a hotel room in Tampa, Florida on Thursday reports TMZ.

There has been no details forwarded at this time of his cause of death, however officials confirm that there were no signs of trauma.

Shock’s father Edward Racker states that an autopsy will be conducted by authorities.

Shock G also known as Gregory Jacobs was well known for being lead singer of the Digital Underground group as well as his alter ego Humpty Dumpty.

The Humpty Dumpty dance to this day is a Hip Hop favorite and helped grow the group’s popular for decades on in.

Shock is responsible for introducing the Hip Hop legend Tupac to the world of music as he was also a member of Digital Underground.

Our prayers remain with his family and friends!

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