Black Female “Peace Officer “ Handles Racist Rant From Suspect With Style And Grace

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In all honesty, being an Officer Of the law is not an easy task. Things can pop off at any moment and you’re required to transition from personal to professional instantly. As we all know, often Officers and Law Officials crack under this pressure but here’s a story of one who didn’t.

An #NYPD Female Police Officer, whose name hasn’t yet been forwarded is receiving praise for handling a hasty situation with complete grace.  A Hispanic Male who has been identified as suspect in a hostile situation of punching a gas station clerk and breaking a window is Ilya Freyman. According to #TheGrio hurled the n-word at least 50 times at the Black female officer as he sat on a curb outside a Brooklyn gas station, where he was arrested.

Within a now viral video, Freyman continuously taunted the Female Officer attempting to get a rise out of her by using multiple racial slurs. The Officer didn’t budge, she instead kept her composure and remained professional. 

Hundreds of social media experts have applauded the Officer’s ability not to crack under pressure especially dealing with blatant disrespect.

Tweeted @George_Anaya, “She’s a great example of how police should behave. Excellent role model!”

Way To Go Sis; Show the world how to handle things proper!  

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