6 Year Old Boy Discovers Bullet Inside Of His Bag Of Flamin Hot Cheetos!


A father from Elmo, Montana has recently forwarded alarming claims of discovering a single bullet inside of his son’s bag of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos!

According to TMZ, the incident took place on Easter Sunday as Bow Horn Weasel originally purchased the spicy snack on Saturday.

Reports read that Bow’s son discovered the bullet at the bottom of the bag after he finished the Cheetos.


It has been indicated that the bullet was covered in the same red coating as the Hot Cheeto’s.

Bow states that though critics are doubtful of his findings he tells TMZ that the bullet was in the bag and is very troubling considering the circumstances.

He immediately reached out to the Frito-Lay company on Facebook and also by email. Bow was contacted by a customer service specialist as they state they’re taking the issue seriously.

Bow states he’s being forwarded a kit from testing and that he’s not interested in receiving compensation. He’s only concerned with this incident never happening again.

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