Idaho Male Pleads Guilty To The Murder Of 3 Year Old Girl At Her Birthday Party!


A Idaho male has officially admitted to the brutal 2018 incident where he stabbed a three year girl to death on her birthday!

On Tuesday Timmy Kinner, 32 pleaded to first degree murder of Ruya Kadir within a gruesome murder, leaving five other children and three adults injured.

According to The Grio, Timmy broke into the apartment during a birthday party and began to attack.

“What he did to children, to the family, he broke family hearts and he killed children. Those people should go to death without even thinking about it,” states a relative to one of the victims Anmar Lafta to local news.

“… They’re not adults, they hadn’t seen life yet. They ran away from war to come here, and look what happened to them.”

Reports read that Timmy is originally from Memphis and traveled to Boise just a few weeks before the incident. He had been staying with someone but they had asked him to leave prior to the attack.

It has been indicated that the murder took place at a apartment complex as multiple children ages 3 to 12 gathered for Kadir’s birthday party. Timmy did not know any of the victims.

Alex Mutlak, a relative of one of the men whose wife and children were attacked state, “We just want everybody to be safe because the crimes he did against kids are horrible. That was terrifying to see a grown man attacking kids at a birthday party. We just wish that justice will take place and we pray for his soul to be forgiven by God.”

He continues, “… We thank the city and the police department and the justice system because they made us feel more safe at home after the accidents.”

A Judge initially indicated that Timmy’s mental health forbidden him from being able to withstand trial. However he has now pleded guilty to two counts of aggravated assault, eight counts of aggravated battery, and one count of use of a deadly weapon.

Timmy is scheduled for sentencing on June 10th, 2021.

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