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Update: Raz B Speaks On Allegations Of Sexual Abuse Forwarded By His Girlfriend Kalle Brookes!


Boy band member Raz B has released an official statement in regards to claims of abuse and sexual assault forwarded by his ex-girlfriend Kalle Brookes !

As we previously reported Kalle took to Tik Tok in a video where she went into detail of alleged sexual assault incidents she went through while dating Raz-B.

Raz took to Instagram on Sunday within a post where he has denied all claims and alleges that Kallee was actually the violent one within the relationship.

He overviewed their relationship as a longtime friendship and states that there was an occurrence that took place in 2019 that ultimately lead to him becoming physical but nothing more.

The singer goes on to state that he’s currently receiving therapy for the things that they’ve both endured within the relationship and that he wishes her the best and hopes she’s receiving help also.

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