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Emmett Till’s Former Chicago Home Gains Official Landmark Status Set To Turn Into A Museum!


The city council of Chicago has officially granted the former home of 14 year old lynching victim #EmmettTill and his mother’s former home landmark status and will be converting it into a museum!

The announcement was made Wednesday afternoon January 27th, confirming that the home was granted preliminary approval in September had officially been secured by the city of Chicago as a landmark reports, The Guardian

Sources have confirmed that the home was purchased back in 2019 by a local non profit organization.

Young Emmett was kidnapped by two white men in 1955 after being falsely accused for whistling at a white woman. At only 14 years old he was beaten, dragged, burned and tortured to death.


Emmett’s tragic death is recognized as the spark that ignited the civil rights movement after a Grand Jury failed to indict the two men responsible.

His mother Mamie Till-Mobley chose to have her son’s casket open during his funeral to show the pain and suffering Emmet endured.

Nearly 60 years later Carolyn Donham admitted that she had forwarded false claims against Emmett and that she lied in her statement she told a Grand Jury where she indicated that he had grabbed her waist and said obscene things to her.

Till’s death became a rallying cry for the civil rights movement,” reads a statement from the city of Chicago.

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