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Protect Black Women: Mother Murdered After Confronting Man That Groped Her!


Please join us in extending our deepest prayers and sincere condolences to a Harlem, New York mother’s family after she was fatally shot by a man that she confronted after groping her!

The tragic incident took place January 16th as Shandina Smith, 29 exited her apartment located on West 150th street near Fredrick Douglass Boulevard around 1230PM EST reports the NY Daily News.

Sources have confirmed that Smith returned shortly as she rushed to tell her fiancé that a man had grabbed her.

It has been indicated that as the couple confronted the groper the conversation got heated leading to an argument and ultimately gunfire within the first floor hallway of their apartment building.

Reports read that the fiancé was shot in his chest and left arm while Smith was hit three times in the chest.

The couple was taken to Harlem Hospital where Smith was pronounced dead.

The unidentified gunman is still on the run while NYPD officials continue their search and investigation.

“She was completely outgoing and full of life. She always had a really big smile on her face. She had a contagious spirit. She could get along with everybody,” states here ain’t Corinne Booker. “Everybody feels close to her, everybody was her best friend, everybody loved her. People really loved Shadina because she loved people. Sometimes not all bright lights can shine for a long time.”

Smith is survived by her fiancé and a one and half year old baby boy.

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