Raz-B Creates GoFundMe Account To Establish “You Are The Light” Foundation, Providing Assistance To African American Male Sexual Abuse Victims!

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B2K boy band member Raz -B has recently set up a GoFundMe account for his “ You Are The Light “ foundation in efforts of advocating for the care and healing of sexually abused men within the Black community!

Raz-B also known as De’Mario Thornton took to social media on Thursday afternoon in a post that describes the organization’s mission statement, “ ‘You Are The Light’ Foundation is an organization that solely focuses on giving a voice to African American male sexual abuse victims.”
“We strive to create a safe environment for victims to be heard, understood, and to receive the proper care needed in order to properly heal.”

The post continues, “The founder, Raz-B, is an established American singer and actor, who was a founding member of R&B boy band B2K. Since 2007, Raz B has accused Chris Stokes, the former manager of B2K, of molesting him when he was around 13 years old, only to be silenced for over a decade.”

“We MUST for the future generation of victims strive to acknowledge these issues, even if it’s an uncomfortable reality to face! In the words of the organizations founder Raz-B, ‘I want young men to know I see them’

All funds raised will be used towards the continued work it will take in getting survivors of sexual abuse the proper education, housing, and emotional/mental health therapy they are entitled to.”

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