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Trey Songz Arrested Following Physical Altercation With Police At Football Game!


Singer and songwriter Trey Songz has been arrested following a physical altercation with local police upon allegations of trespassing!

According to TMZ the incident took place on Sunday evening at a KC Chiefs game.

Sources have confirmed that a witness has come forward to state that everything went down when Trey was being harassed by a few fans sitting behind him and he asked for them to relax.

The witness also noted that Trey was caught off guard when security and police officials approached him and immediately got physical.

Within the captured video the singer can be seen defending himself with fans screaming “ get off of him!”

Reports read that moments after Trey was handcuffed and is currently being held in police custody. He was arrested for trespassing, resisting arrest and assault of an officer. It has been indicated that the charges are classified as a low grade felonies. He is being held for 24 hours with possible release set for tomorrow night.

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