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#AndIOop: Kanye West’s Yeezy Brand Sues Intern For Revealing Confidential Photos On Instagram!


A Summer intern for Kanye West ‘s popular apparel brand is currently being sued for $500,000 in damages after posting confidential photos to social media!

According to Billboard Ryan Inwards is facing pricy provisions within breach of a contractual agreement where he failed to comply.

It has been indicated that he signed a non disclosure agreement that contains a $500,000 liquidated damages order.

📸:Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

📸:Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images

Sources have confirmed that a complaint was filed on Friday January 15th with the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

Reports read that the NDA prohibits disclosing or disseminating confidential information on social media, however Inwards decided to shared non-public images on Instagram. Despite being forwarded multiple cease and desist letters he has yet to remove the photos.

Inward is being sued for half a million dollars in liquidated damages including punitive damages solely because the brand believes he is acting with malicious intent.

The Yeezy brand is also forwarding an injunction to have the images returned and Inwards social media banned from posting similar content in the future.

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