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DaBaby Arrested On Rodeo Drive For Reported Possession Of A Firearm!


It appears that DaBaby ‘s shopping spree with friends was cut extremely short today as he was arrested by local officials following reports of possession of a firearm!

According to TMZ the incident took place on Thursday afternoon as DaBaby and his three friends exited the Moncler store.

Sources have confirmed that as DaBaby and his crew attempted to pull off in their vehicle they were immediately surrounded by cop cars.

It has been indicated that the police were contacted upon a tip from someone within the store that the rapper and his friends were in possession of a gun.

Further reports confirm that DaBaby and his friends were detained while officials searched their vehicle; a handgun was discovered.

DaBaby was arrested for a misdemeanor of carrying a loaded firearm and was the only one booked out of all of his friends.

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