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STOP KILLING US: 16 Year Old Girl Ma’Khia Bryant Shot And Killed By Columbus, Ohio Police!


Ohio residents are currently taking to the streets to protest and demand justice following the murder of a 16 year old girl at the hands of Columbus, Ohio officials just moments before Derek Chauvin verdict was officially announced!

According to The Daily Mail, Ma’Khia Bryant was in the middle of a physical altercation with another teenager when she was shot by local officials.

Sources have confirmed that local police were originally contacted for a stabbing prior to the shooting. A witness close to Ma’Khia said that she was currently living in a foster home and had gotten into a heated altercation with another teen. She was using the knife to protect herself.


Reports read that Ma’Khia had attempted to stab an unidentified teen at the time officials arrived. Within the released body cam footage Ma’Khia is seen moving forward to another teenager with a knife when an officer shot her a total of four times.

Cellphone footage of the incident is circulating throughout social media which show’s the unidentified officer that killed Ma’Khia standing over her lifeless body within the east side area of Columbus, Ohio where the incident happened.


The tragic incident took place between the hours of 345PM and 430 PM, Ma’Khia was taken to Mount Carmel East hospital and noted as in critical condition. She was officially pronounced dead at 521PM state local news.

Ma’Khia’s aunt Hazel Bryant described her as a loving good kid who didn’t deserved to be killed ‘like a dog in the street”

Further reports confirm that the Columbus Police have requested Ohio’s Bureau of Criminal Investigation to respond and investigate the shooting.

Our prayers remain with Ma’Khia’s loved ones.

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