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Karen Diaries: Grammy Award Winning Trumpeter Keyon Harrold And Son Attacked By White Woman For Stolen Phone!


A viral and exceedingly disturbing video is circulating throughout social media of Grammy-award-winning trumpeter Keyon Harrold and his son being attacked and targeted by a white woman directly accusing them of stealing her cellphone!

The incident took place the day after Christmas on Saturday December 26th at the Arlo Hotel located within the Soho area of New York City.

According to The Grio Harrold and his son were guests at the hotel and had come downstairs for breakfast. It wasn’t long before the two were approached by the unidentified white woman screaming while in search of her lost phone.

Sources have confirmed that the woman had checked out of the hotel three days prior and was thoroughly convinced Harrold’s son was the culprit of her lost mobile device. Within the video the woman is seen shouting and even charging at the father and his son.


To add further insult to injury the hotel manager instead that the 14 year old boy prove that his phone wasn’t hers. He never called for security to have the woman removed, advise her to calm down or gained any control of the situation that would be of any fairness to both sides.

Reports read that the woman assaulted and scratched both Harrold and his son. The entire incident is said to have gone on for more than five minutes that is until her phone was returned by an Uber driver.

Harrold recorded majority of the incident and uploaded the video to his Instagram account. He confirms that neither the hotel manager or psychotic woman has apologized to him or his son for the traumatic and brutal attack. He is currently seeking the help of social media users to help identify the woman that has caused him and his family such pain.

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