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Bill Cosby Refuses To Take Showers In Jail Out Of Fear Of Catching COVID-19!


Former television star and comedian Bill Cosby has recently admitted that he refuses to shower while in prison out of fear of catching COVID-19!

According to the Daily Mail Cosby revealed that though he is tested everyday he’s decided to take extra precaution to assure he doesn’t contract the virus.

The currently incarcerated 80 year old states, “that as of now I have declined to take any showers and I have decided to take wash-ups in my cell. This is the best way for me to stay safe and healthy.”

As we previously reported earlier this year Cosby had attempted to seek early release from his 10 year maximum prison sentence for aggravated indecent assault.

However sex offenders were excluded from the Coronavirus pandemic temporary relief order.

Cosby is currently seeking release once again as his legal team had appeared at a December court hearing in Pennsylvania to overturn his sentencing.

Though there has been no word as of yet of the judge’s ruling Cosby says, We’re not declaring a win, the world got to hear and witness what mainstream media refused to publish, which was the truth and the facts’. 

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