California Prosecutors To Reopen Fatal Police Shooting Of Oscar Grant!


Northern California Prosecutors have recently confirmed official reopening of the 2009 fatal shooting of Oscar Grant !

The 22 year old father was shot and killed on New Year’s day of 2009 at the hands of Bay Area Rapid Transit ( BART ) officers while laying with his face down on the platform of Fruitvale Station in Oakland, reports CNN .

Sources have confirmed that the decision to reopen the case derives from demands from Grants family as well as new evidence.

“I have assigned a team of lawyers to look back into the circumstances that caused the death of Oscar Grant,” says Alameda Country is District Attorney Nancy O’Malley within a forwarded statement read.
“We will evaluate the evidence and the law, including the applicable law at the time and the statute of limitations and make a determination.”

Reports read in July 2010 the officer that killed Grant , Johannes Mehserle was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter and his partner Anthony Pirone was fired following an internal investigation.

Within a new press conference Grant’s parent advocated for justice in their son’s unjustifiable murder.
“Charge him for his actions that escalated instead of deescalating the situation that escalated and caused the loss of my son’s life,” said Grant’s mother Wanda Johnson-Morris demanded. “If all men are created equal, then we too should get the justice that we deserve.” 

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