Digital Clock Counts Down Scientifically Believed Deadline To Complete Climate Destruction!


A massive digital clock has been debuted in New York City ‘s Union Square area this weekend which is scientifically believed to tell precisely how long the world has left to get it together before an irreversible climate emergency deconstructs the entire human race!

According to the Washington Post the Climate Clock, created by artists Gan Golan and Andrew Boyd indicates that there are only roughly around 7 years until Earth’s carbon budget is depleted.

Sources have confirmed that based on current reports a total depletion would accelerate the world further into decomposition. Consisting of rapid flooding, wildfires, famine and depletion of human humans, according to the artists.

It has been indicated that the timer has been designed to count down how long it will take for the world to burn through its expected carbon budget.

However if the correct action is not taken within an accurate time frame to keep the earth’s warming under 1.5 degrees Celsius full destruction will happen. It has been indicated that a 2019 NASA report discussing global climate change warned us of drastic consequences.

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