Regina King Makes History Becoming The First Black Female Director To Premiere A Film At Venice Film Festival!


Regina King has officially made history as she has been named the first Black female director to ever premiere a film at the Venice Film festival!

One Night in Miami, directed by King portrays a fictional conversation amongst Muhammad Ali, Malcolm X, Otis Redding and Jim Brown; reports Essence .

Sources have confirmed that the men have gathered in Miami on the date of February 25th, 1964 to celebrate one of Ali’s boxing matches.

It has been indicated that the film will reflect on similarities between past and present racial tension within society for Black people.

“This conversation in the middle of right now, it has been going on forever, as far as a Black American is concerned. The passion and the pain that you hear and you see now are coming from the same space that these four men are speaking from and living through 40 years ago,” King states.

Further reports read that early screening tickets have described the film as, “a captivating directorial debut.”


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