#BeforeTheHashtag: Actor Jason Mitchell To Star In Biopic Film Surrounding Life Of Sean Bell!


Actor #JasonMitchell has recently been casted the leading role for the biopic film depicting the life of #PoliceBrutality victim #SeanBell !

Sean was murdered at the age of 23 years old by #NewYork police department officials the morning before his wedding. He was exiting a bachelor party celebration with his father and two of his friends when responding officers dressed in plain clothing opened fire on the car Sean occupied.


It has been indicated that the officers believed the men had been armed also, however further investigation shows that the men had no weapons.

Though Sean’s family received a $7 million dollar settlement following his death four years later all three of the officers involved were fully acquitted with no charges.

According to TMZ Jason will also take on the role of executive producer of the film alongside Tru of TruVisiom films.

📸: TMZ

📸: TMZ

Reports read that film’s name, “50 Shots “ will refer to number of bullets the officers shot at Sean and his family that fatal night. It has been indicated that the film has been in the works for three years and that Sean’s family has been very hands on throughout the process.


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