#NotAgain : H&M Corporation Issues Apology For Use Of The N-Word In Description Of New Beanie!


The clothing brand of H&M has recently found themselves in an immediate drag session once again following the use of a racial slur to describe a newly released beanie hat!

According to The Root, a photo was discovered within H&M’s corporate internal system where a set of beanies were described as “ N**** Lab Beanies”


Fortunately the offensive name never went on display or made it to the public eye, reports Fashionista. Sources have confirmed that the image of the product was shared with employees who took the initiative to report the incident to management.

It has been indicated that H&M CEO Helena Helmersson has released an official statement apologizing and nothing that the incident is not only unacceptable but should’ve never happened.

“It is a serious breach of our policies and goes against everything we stand for. We take the use of racially offensive language extremely seriously,” she said, adding that “simply taking action on one occasion is not enough.” Helmersson reiterated steps H&M Group is taking internally to address racism within the company, including mandatory conscious and unconscious bias training to all employees and greater oversight over images, products and accompanying products, among other measures.”

According to CNN anonymous tips from numerous employees state that the issue derived from lack of diversity within company culture at H&M.


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