Social Media Users Create Petition To Have Kylie Jenner’s WAP Cameo Removed!


Following the midnight release of #CardiB ‘s highly anticipated single #WAP featuring #MeganTheeStallion social media users have taken to twitter to share their take of the video.

From visuals, to hair, makeup, styling, exotic animals and more we’d be lying if we we’re to say Cardi and Meg didn’t do their thing with that one.

Though the video was extremely enjoyable and entertaining our Cousins over on our #BlackTwitter side had a specific issue on the a specific cameo made within the WAP video.

As the music paused and the leopard prints popped out, beauty cosmetics mogul #KylieJenner strut her stuff within the most talked about scene.

Social media users reacted immediately while stating though they loved the video they could’ve done without Kylie and some even saying she ruined it entirely.

People have even took it the futnerest extent of advocating to Kylie’s cameo removed entirely with the establishing of a petition that has well over 15,000 signatures as we speak.

Cousins what are your thoughts on this?

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