#Update: Racist Detroit Couple Arrested And Charged With Felony Assault!


A racist Detroit couple has officially been arrested and charged after a viral video shows them viciously arguing and pulling a firearm out on a Black mother and her daughter!

According to TMZ the incident took place Wednesday evening after Jillian Wustenberg bumped into Takelia Hill’s teenage daughter Makayla as she’d entered a local Chipotle establishment near Orion Township, MI.

Makayla tells local news that she had moved out of Jillian’s way and was still purposely bumped. She states that she then replied “ Excuse you” and that’s when Jillian screamed about her space being invaded and began to use explicit language.


Takelia stepped in and that’s when things really got heated. It has been indicated that Jillian and her husband Eric Wustenberg became vulgar and issued multiple racial insults. With him asking Makayla, “Who the f**k do you think you guys are?” 
Jillian is also noted as screaming, “White people aren’t racist, no one’s racist!”

Sources have confirmed that following the initial argument the couple got into their vehicle but saw Takeila behind them and they reportedly attempted to hit her. Jillian then hopped out of the car and put a gun into her face screaming, “Don’t you f***ing jump behind my car. Get the f**k back! Back up! Get the f**k back! Back the f**k up!” 

Moments later Jillian put the gun down gotten back into the car and the couple drove off.

Since then both Jillian and Eric have been arrested and charged with one count of felony assault.

Source : TMZ

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