Google, Nike, Target And Lyft Amongst Multiple Companies To Declare Juneteenth Paid Holiday!


Some of the country’s most popular companies have joined together to declare Juneteenth, June 19th a paid holiday for their employees!

June 19th serves as the official date that slavery was abolished within the United States. Former President #AbrahamLincoln originally issued the Emancipation Proclamation in January 1863, however the order wasn’t finalized until June. 19th 1865, reports WUSA 9.

Brands such as Target, Nike, Lyft, Google, Twitter, JCPenny, Mastercard, The New York Times, NFL, Postmates, Vox Media and more have all released forwarded statements announcing the paid holiday.

This decision is considered a much awaited step within the direction of change as numerous companies are now forced to reflect on the unjustifiable murders and poor treatment of Black people experienced throughout the world each day.

Following the death of Minneapolis resident #GeorgeFloyd protestors have rapidly demand social and racial justice, while calling out an end of police brutality.

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