Indianapolis Male Shot And Killed By Local Police While Live Video Streaming!


The final moments of an Indianapolis male before being shot and killed by local officials as he live video streamed, are currently circulating on social media platforms everywhere!

The video kick offs with the male behind the wheel of a car naming the street he was on and telling his viewers to come and get him.

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It wasn’t long before he exits the vehicle and began running on foot away from the scene. An unidentified person can be heard screaming in the background word “ stop” . The male refused and screamed the words F*** you” and then a series of shots immediately rang out.

The male then fell to the ground as the stream continued with only images of the sky showing.

According to TMZ the victim has been pronounced dead with officials claiming to have used a stun gun on him before ultimately killing him. Also indicating that the entire incident derives from a shooting the victim was involved in that turned into a car chase that lasted roughly around 10 minutes.

We’ll keep you all updated on any further details.

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