#ForTheCulture: Ashanti Donates 30,000 N95 Masks To Healthcare Officials Of Glen Cove Hospital!


Long Island, New York native #Ashanti is lending a helping hand to those directly combating the #Coronavirus pandemic within her hometown hospital of Northwell Health Glen Clove by providing breakfast for champions and a donation of 30,000 N95 masks!

According to News Day, the provided breakfast serves as meals for employees of the overnight shift working from 12am-8am and officials who arrive early in the morning who often don’t have a chance to grab something to eat before their shift begins.

“It makes my day to be able to say I was born in this hospital and I will always rep Long Island people who are going through such terrible times. Honestly, I’ve been looking at the numbers of deaths and hearing the stories about the front-liners and being from Long Island, well sometimes it seems people forget about us,” states Ashanti.

Sources have confirmed that Ashanti has paired up with the good folks of Dunkin’ Doughnuts to deliver four days worth of plant based sausage sandwiches and coffee within the next two weeks.

It has been indicated that Ashanti hand selected the sandwich, “I try my best to live a healthy lifestyle. And to me, it’s a much healthier choice. So I just felt that this was a kind gesture to keep it in a healthy sense and still make people happy.”

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