Experts Believe Testicles May Possibly Make Men More Vulnerable Of Contracting Coronavirus!


It appears that experts are slowly but surely gathering information within different variations of how easily it is for the #Coronavirus to spread throughout the world. Recent findings have hinted at testicles being a vulnerable element for men to contract the virus!

According to the New York Post, experts have recently stated that the virus could linger within the testicle area, which could possibly allow men to experience more hazardous and extreme cases of the illness.

Reports read that the recent findings have been determined through case recoveries of over 60 Mumbai, India patients. It has been indicated that the virus had taken a worse toll on men based on their gender.

Oncologist doctor Aditi Shastri of Montefiore Medical center within New York, has stated that the virus attaches itself to protein that appears to occurs in high levels within the testicles. The protein is identified as angiostensin which converts to enzyme 2, or ACE2. It has been noted to be present within the lungs, gastrointestinal tract area, the heart and a widespread amount of the testicles. It has been implemented that since testicles are within a separate sector away from the immune system, the virus could in fact live there for a long time as oppose to the rest of the body.

As for woman, researchers conclude that female patients can potentially be cleared of the virus in four days as oppose to men that on a average basis recover 2 days longer than them.

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