Florida Governor Enforces Stay At Home Order For Next 30 Days Following Coronavirus Widespread!

Governor Ron DeSantis has officially declared the state of Florida completely under a strict stay at home order following the Coronavirus pandemic!

According to the Miami Herald, DeSantis announced the statewide order on Wednesday indicating that an executive order would be signed ultimately limited all activity in Florida. Sources have confirmed that essential services would not be effected by the 30 day order.

Reports read that the 30 day lock down will go into effect on Friday April 30th all the way until April 30th, also noting that it could potentially be extended.

As of right now the state of Florida has over 3,000 confirmed positive cases with 101 people dead from contracting the virus. It’s been implemented that the number of cases is following a trend of doubling cases every three days.

“This is what we are going to be fighting for a month,” DeSantis states. “There is not going to be any kind of return to normalcy. People thought Easter. … That is not going to happen.”

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