Governor Andrew Cuomo Places New York City On Pause Following Coronavirus Widespread!

#Cousins , effective immediately the city of #NewYork has been placed on hold due to the accelerating amount of #Coronavirus victims contracted in the last 16 days!

Governor Andrew Cuomo has stated within a press conference held Friday morning that NYC is currently facing high capacity of cases and unfortunately there is not enough hospitals or ICU space to care for patients, reports CNBC.

Reports read that as of right now there are over 14,000 cases of the Coronavirus within the U.S, with 7,600 victims located in the #TriState area resulting in more than 200 deaths.

As of Friday morning, Cuomo has officially ordered that all non essential workforces shut down completely ordering all residents to stay home. He goes on to state that he believes that this is the most drastic and effective measurement they can take.

New York City alone had a total of over 4,400 cases and added an additional 2,000 more within a matter of days. It has been concluded that all five boroughs make up 28% of all the cases in America.

“This is not life as usual. Accept it. Realize it. And deal with it,” Cuomo states. He goes on to address the public and ask that everyone, “remain indoors to the greatest extent possible to protect physical and mental health. Your actions can affect my health; that’s where we are. We are all in quarantine.”

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