Ex Prosecutor Linda Fairstein Files Official Lawsuit Against Director Ava DuVernay For Netflix Docuseries “When They See Us” !!


It appears that the notorious ex prosecutor #LindaFairstein well known for being the brains behind the wrongful conviction of the now exonerated five, has officially filed a lawsuit towards #Netlfix and director #AvaDuVernay ; over the pretenses her character was portrayed within the docuseries When They See Us!


TMZ reports that Fairstein forwarded the lawsuit on Wednesday, highlighting the notion that she warned DuVernay before releasing the series with concerns of fabrication. Sources have confirmed that Fairstein indicated that her wishes were completely ignored and that DuVernay’s alleged response was that she had no right to pass wrongful judgement before viewing the series.

The series debut on #Netflix within the month of June 2019; gaining major praise as the series push fourth emotion paired with awareness and the narrative of authentic storytelling from the victims prospective.

However Fairstein was anything further than excited about the docuseries release. Reports read that she felt as if her character was exaggerated with lies, painting her as a racist with the sole purpose of placing 5 innocent black children behind bars.


According to TMZ the forwarded suit notes that Fairstein denies all claim of interrogating minors without them being accompanied by a parent or guardian, manipulation and fabrication of the Central Park Jogger case incident, reference to black people as animals and thugs, bribing New York City police officials and investigators and tampering with official evidence.


Fairstein is currently seeking damages from Netflix, DuVernay and the series co-writer Attica Locke for defamation. It has been concluded that not only does she want a public apology but also a disclaimer added to the series stating that it’s a drama and not an actual true story.

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