Megan Thee Stallion Snags Small Victory Against 1501 Certified Entertainment!

#Cousins; congratulations are in order, it appears that the Houston, #Texas native #MeganTheeStallion has recently earned a temporary victory against her current record label of 1501 certified entertainment!

As we previously reported Meg recently attained a restraining order against the label which allowed her to release new music despite their wishes.

According to HOT 97, that restraining order was scheduled to expire on March 16th, 2020; however a new court order has been issued which extended it to a later date.
Sources have confirmed that as of right now their hasn’t been a set date for the new restraining order. Megan is set to appear in court on April 3rd to obtain the remaining details of the order.

Since then Megan has released an EP entitled SUGA and in less than a week it has began to make history of its own.

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