Chinese Doctor That First Reported News Of Deadly Coronavirus Pronounced Dead!

Chinese doctor #LiWenliang has been pronounced dead Thursday afternoon after contracting deadly and widespread #Cornavirus !

According to Fox News, Wenliang was the first Doctor to come forward with reports of the virus. It has been indicated upon Wenliang drawing attention publicly from news of the virus he was allegedly detained for warning others and immediately contracted the virus himself.

Sources have confirmed that Wuhan Central Hospital had stated on social media Thursday morning that Wenliang was in critical condition. It wasn’t until later that day that the hospital announced that he was dead.

Wenliang worked as a opthalmogist at Wuhan central hospital. He stated in December 2019 that an illness similar to SARS was being exhibited by multiple patients. He contacted medical school graduates privately with his findings. He was later summoned to the Public Security Bureau to sign a letter stating that his claims were false about the virus reports the BBC.

“Unfortunately infected during the fight against the pneumonia epidemic of the new coronavirus infection. We deeply regret and mourn this,” states officials from the Wuhan hospital.

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