Nike Franchise Sells Completely Out Of Kobe Bryant Sneakers & Merchandise!

Following the untimely death of basketball legend #KobeBryant alongside his 13 year old daughter and 7 other angelic souls; multiple media outlets have reported partially true or completely false news!

One of the most ran about rumors is that the Nike franchise deliberately pulled Bryant related products off of shelves. This notion derived from the due fact that there are individuals using the star athletes death as an opportunity gain lump sums of money. However sources close to Nike have confirmed that information to not be true.


According to Yahoo News ; just 15 hours after the official announcement of Bryant’s death nearly all of his Nike collaborated sneakers and merchandise were sold out online. Sources have also confirmed that there were barely any items available in store.


Though Nike may have not potentially pulled the merchandise; it has been stated that a few signature Kobe items are available for 28% more than it’s original price.

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