Meek Mill And Nicki Minaj’s Husband Kenneth Petty Get Into Verbal Altercation While Shopping!

#Cousins ; in a perfect world we can all date one another, separate on a mutually platonic level where we ultimately can coincide as friends and move on. However in the real world chances of relationships ending on a positive note are very far and near from happening!

Unfortunately ex lovers #MeekMill and #NickiMinaj ran into each other while shopping Friday at high end fashion boutique Maxfield in West Hollywood, reports TMZ. Sources have confirmed that Meek was at the location first and then Nicki and her husband #KennethPetty arrived.

It has been confirmed that Meek attempted to have a private conversation with Kenneth after he began to get loud. It has been stated that Kenneth declined Meek’s request and that when him and Nicki referred to him as a “‘P*SSY “.


The video shows Mr and Mrs Petty by themselves but Meek has an entourage of a few people. As the store’s security guards hold Meek back he states that he wasn’t in the realm of arguing nor fighting. He openly admits that he is just happy that he is no longer in a negative space that he once was when him and Nicki were seeing each other.


TMZ has concluded that there was no direct indication of how the fight began. However new information confirmed by Hot97 states that the couple became frustrated after Meek was seen literally staring at them then the the verbal dispute began and the topic of discussion was Nicki.

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