Martin Lawrence Reveals Truth Behind The Allegations That Ended His Hit 90s Television Series!

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Within a recent interview with GQ Magazine; comedic legend #MartinLawrence shed light on his career, personal life and all the lessons he endured within his journey that helped shape him into the man he is today!

Martin’s career initially erupted from stand up comedy then shifted to film and television. His iconic self titled television series “ Martin” hands down is one of the most watched shows of our generation. So you can only imagination the devastation fans felt when the sitcom ended abruptly.

For years rumors circulated that the television series had gotten canceled deriving from a lawsuit issued by former cast member Tisha Campbell. Campbell accused Martin of inappropriate sexual conduct and harassment.


For the first time ever, Martin has come forward and set the record straight upon those allegations. Within the GQ interview with Zach Baron, Martin states that the show was never cancelled that he instead decided on his own merit to simply walk away.

Baron goes on to ask the pressing question as to what caused him as the star of the show to leave, “You did the show for five seasons, right? How come it ended?” 


“Well, how can I say this? It just was time to end,” Lawrence replied. “Let’s just put it that way. It was just, at that time, there was some, um, there were some things that was being said that—”states Martin.

 Baron chimes in, “You’re talking about Tisha Campbell’s lawsuit?” 
“Yeah. Yeah,” Lawrence continues. “Yeah. Because none of that was true. It was all a lot of bulls**t and — just whoever’s side it was, it was bulls**t. “We don’t need to talk about something that just didn’t happen,” he continued. “So I just decided to walk away from the show. I just decided to end it. People said that I got canceled, but that wasn’t the case. I decided to just leave the show.”


Martin goes on to state that he has no ill will towards the actress, that he never did and that there is no grudge held between them. “I love Tisha,” says Martin. “I’ve seen her then and now, now and then, always with nothing but love. I have nothing but love for her, and I always have.”


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