R.Kelly’s Alleged Girlfriends Separate After Social Media Fight!


It went down this week y’all! On the brink of Robert Kelly’s birthday his alleged girlfriends #AzrielClary and #JocelynSavage had a little tussle as they both aired out some extremely detailed and VERY dirty laundry.

Nothing has been confirmed specifically but it appears that both Azriel and Jocelyn weren’t seeing eye to eye at the moment. The two argued over Kelly’s belongings as well as who entered the apartment while he was incarcerated.

In between the fight and the screaming Azriel states that she is leaving the apartment that her and Jocelyn stay in #Chicago at #TrumpTowers.

Azriel continuously yells for multiple bystanders to contact the police following the fight as well. Moments later Azriel openly admits to Police Officials that all of the decades worth of allegations are true and that “ Robert has been lying to y’all for years” and that she alongside Joycelyn appeared on the #GayleKing show in #2019 and lied.
She admits that they’ve never seen the #survivingrkelly docuseries and that both Jocelyn and Kelly had sex with her multiple times knowing that she is an under age minor!

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