Washington Wizard’s Player Isiah Thomas Sets Disrespectful Fan Straight!

#Washington Wizard’s #IsiahThomas wasn’t feeling a fan’s commentary Saturday night during a game against the #Philadelphia 76rs.

FOX NEWS reports that the incident occurred after Thomas had missed a free throw and scored the second one. A fan had then screamed “ F**k you B****h “ a total of three times while waving and pointing his middle fingers directly at Thomas. Sources have confirmed that during a timeout within the fourth quarter Thomas made his through the bleachers and to the fans that made those ill mannered remarks and stated, “Don’t do that. Don’t be disrespectful. I’m a man before anything and be a fan.”

The 76ers fan immediately apologized to Thomas and stated that, “ I’m sorry I just wanted a Frosty’ because if you had missed two free throws, I guess fans get a free Frosty.”

Reports read that the fast food chain of Wendy’s is currently offering, “Wendy’s Frosty Freeze-Out,”a promotion for fans where they are giving free desserts if a member of an opposing team misses two free throws against the 76ers in the second half of a home game.

Thomas took the time to address the issues to local reporters after the game concluded. “The league knows: I did nothing wrong,” Thomas states. “There just should be a respect factor [with fans]. Like, I’m not going to go to anybody else’s job and call you out of your name, no matter how mad I make you. I don’t even know how I can make you that mad when we were down 15. We lost the game. That’s all I’m saying. I’m a man before anything, and that just wasn’t OK to do — and I just had to say something.”

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