College Student Strangled By Man For Ignoring Catcall!

#Cousins ; a young woman with a promising future ahead of her has been declared dead at the hands of a stranger for ignoring his cat calls!

According to CBS News; on Saturday Nov.23 University of Illinois student Ruth George,19 had been reported missing by her parents. It has been indicated that they contacted police officials early Saturday after not hearing from George since the night before. Officials then tracked her phone and discovered her lifeless body in the back of her parents vehicle.

Reports read George was walking to her vehicle around 1:30AM when Donald Thurman, 26 began to harass her from afar. It has been indicated that when George ignored her, Thurman followed her into the University’s parking garage attempting to talk to her again. When she ignored him for the second time Thurman attacked George.


Thurman has been identified as a local resident; having no affiliation with the University or George. Surveillance footage captured the moment he followed George from the street into the parking lot.

Officials spotted him Sunday afternoon near a Blue line Train Station. He was then taken into Police custody where he provided a full confession.

Reports read within a Tuesday hearing; Assistant State’s Attorney James Murphy stated that Thurman became thoroughly upset when George ignored his catcalls.


“The defendant thought she was pretty and tried talking to her,” Murphy states. “But the victim ignored him.”

He continues,
“The defendant followed the victim and tried to talk to her again, and then the defendant cat-called at her.


“When the victim arrived at her car, the defendant was angry that he was being ignored,” says Murphy. “The defendant came up behind the victim grabbed her around the neck from behind and put her in a chokehold.”

George has been identified by friends and loved ones as being an intelligent and sweet girl. She was an honor student majoring kinesiology.

“It is very difficult to find words that can express the sadness our entire community experiences today following the news of the tragic death of a 19-year-old undergraduate student,” states UIC Chancellor Michael Amiridis in a forwarded statement. “We offer our sincere condolences to the student’s family and friends and I know that all of us have them in our hearts as they struggle with this devastating.”

Thurman has been charged with murder and sexual assault.

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