Wu-Tang Clan Themed Amusement Park Set To Hit South Korea In Near Future!

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“Wu-Tang is for children..”

The Wu-Tang-Clan serves as one of the most influential group of hip hop artists to ever grace this earth. With multiple decades of success under their belts and a legacy over a mile long; it’s only right they’ve been offered an entire amusement park on their behalf!

According to Yahoo News; Vice President of Wu-Tang Clan management Jimmy Kang has recently announced that a Wu-Tang amusement park is in talks of negotiation. Sources have confirmed that the amusement park location has been set for development within Seoul, South Korea.


It has been indicated that details of the amusement park are fairly limited at this time due to the realms of the negotiation phase. However social media users and devoted Wu-Tang fans have began forwarding ideas upon special areas the park should offer.

Kang has been noted as a key player in the official developing of the amusement park project. As a Korean native he has maintained multiple overseas ventures and has successfully managed Wu-Tang since 2010.

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